Agents building

The Building accommodates shared forwarders facilities provided small & medium size logistic service providers. The building has a ground & a mezzanine level. The ground level is 6120 sq. m. of which 5263 sq. m. are used for services and access entrance to the mezzanine level. The mezzanine level has gross office area of 2631 sq. m. including circulation and service areas.

Jumeirah Village Tower

This Commercial building comprises 3 Basement, 5 Podiums plus 38 Stories and has been designed with the highest of architectural standards and a number of architectural features.

The project is located in the heart of Dubai, in Jumeirah Village South, and serves as a landmark building in terms of its beauty and figure concepts.

Habib Bank AG Zurich

This was the project for the construction of Jebel Ali Free Zone branch of Habib Bank AG Zurich. Spread over on area of approx. 5000 sq. meters, the built up structure is Ground plus 2-storied with total covered area of 2200 sq. meters. Various banking facilities have been provided to the customers including ATM machine and a car park for 46 cars has also been provided.

Coral Beach Hotel

The site is located on the Ajman coastline and is almost square in shape. The only road access is from the South-East side whereas the North-West side is facing the beach.

The proposed hotel will come under the category of a four star facility. The approximate built up area of the hotel is 50,000 m2 which comprises two levels of basement parking, Ground floor, First floor (lower), First floor (upper), six typical floors of Hotel rooms and Apartments with a penthouse on the upper floor.

JVS Service Apartments

The project (Plot-2) comprises 38 storeys, 3 Basement and 5 Podiums. The tower is a Residential/ Commercial building designed with the highest of architectural standards with a number of architectural features. The project location is in the heart of Dubai in Jumeirah Village South and stands as a landmark building for beauty and figure concepts.

Burj Dubai Plot 21

Tower A consists of 3 levels of Basement parking, Ground Floor, 2 Levels of Podium and 48 Stories (3B+G+2P+31), while Tower B consists of 3 levels of Basement, Ground Floor, 2 levels of Podium and 31 Stories (3B+G+2P+31). The total number of parking spaces in both towers is 1,504.

Various Roads in Al-Ain

The project comprises the consultancy services of Various Roads and parking lots in Al-Ain and its Suburbs (Sector -6 & 7) for construction of Roads, Parking, Street Lighting and Storm Water Drainage System.

Between the Bridges

The project is owned by one of the Prince in Abu Dhabi and is located on a stretch of land called “Between the Two Bridges”. The Spa building comprises the hotel retail region including the Spa facility building, villas and numerous restaurants spread across the strip.

The Retail building comprises a variety of retail shops, restaurants discotheques etc. It has one Basement + Ground + one Storey building spread to two areas with water channel running in between with a bridge connecting the two regions.

Interchange at Al Hamidiya Junction

The project comprises the Improvement and Upgrading of Al Hamidiya Junction & Design of Interchange Bridge. The approved proposal for the dual carriageway interchange bridges including post tensioned prestressed twin box girders of 54 meter span – one for each carriageway. Total deck width was 30 meters on each bridge, achieved by providing 2.5m cantilevers on either side of each box. The total height of the bridge from the finished road level to surrounding ground level was kept at approximately 9.6 meters to achieve a minimum vertical clearance of 6.0 meters.

Jumeirah Beach Residence

The project (Sector-3) located at Jumeirah Beach (Dubai) on Sheikh Zayed Road, is one of the most favourite tourist attraction, with land mark properties as Sheraton Jumeirah Beach and Burj Al Arab hotels. The Sector-3, biggest of all the seven sectors, consists of 7 towers and a common Podium. The 4-level Podium consists of a semi-basement level covering the entire site utilized for car parking, loading and unloading bays, building services and access to upper floors. The ground and two levels above are assigned to the commercial, recreational and entertainment areas with car parking. The gross area of the Podium is about 140,000 square meters. The 7 residential towers (17 to 53 levels) having gross area of about 217,500 square meters.