Hyderabad-Mirpurkhas Road

This project provides for dualization of existing 59 kilometer long 2 lane road from Hyderabad to Mirpurkhas under Public Private Partnership arrangements. Major features under the projects include 04 major bridges, 27 culverts and 02 toll plaza along with modern roadside furniture, lane marking and signage to be the existing 2 lane road to a 4 lane expressway meeting international standards.

Interchange at H.I.R. Road

The project has been taken as part of Tameer-e-Karachi Program for maintenance of Karachi roads and construction of interchanges, flyovers and underpasses. Interchange on Shahrah-e-Faisal and H.I.R. road (Karsaz) have certainly minimized the traffic problems and ensured uninterrupted traffic flow on Shahrah-e-Faisal.

Interchange at Hassan Square

The project has been taken as part of Tameer-e-Karachi Program for maintenance of Karachi roads and construction of interchanges, underpass and flyovers.

Karachi faces a very severe problem of excessive traffic especially at the intersection of University Road and Sir Shah Suleman Road which is a very busy intersection carrying more than 225,000 vehicles per day. The objective of the construction of Hasan Square Interchange is to ensure smooth and un-interrupted traffic flow, help in reducing the accident by increasing the safety measures and to reduce the vehicle operating costs.

Gharibabad Underpass

The project has been taken as part of Tameer-e-Karachi Program for maintenance of Karachi road and construction of interchanges, flyovers and underpasses. Gharibabad underpass will minimize traffic congestion on Sir Shah Suleman Road and Shahrah-e-Syed Ahmed.

Interchange at Al Hamidiya Junction

The project comprises the Improvement and Upgrading of Al Hamidiya Junction & Design of Interchange Bridge. The approved proposal for the dual carriageway interchange bridges including post tensioned prestressed twin box girders of 54 meter span – one for each carriageway. Total deck width was 30 meters on each bridge, achieved by providing 2.5m cantilevers on either side of each box. The total height of the bridge from the finished road level to surrounding ground level was kept at approximately 9.6 meters to achieve a minimum vertical clearance of 6.0 meters.

Baba Fareed Bridge

The Project involved the construction of a Bridge including Approach Road and training Works. The Project aims at providing an all-weather road link across river Sutlej between Pakpattan and Minchinabad to serve the adjoining areas. Feasibility Study was carried out by NHA in 1990 whereas study & design was updated in August 2005. . Bridge has 572 meters length, 13 Nos.span of 44m each. Carriageway width is 9 meter. Length of approach road is 8 km (4 km on each side of Bridge).

Durat Al Bahrain

Durrat Al Bahrain is deemed as a hallmark resort island city located on the south coast of Bahrain, this 21 km2 master development has been created across a cluster of 15 spectacular islands.
These islands are connected through the Access bridges which are planned by the ATKINS-Abu Dhabi and their complete structure was designed by Engineering Associates. By keeping in view the Project aesthetic and Construction difficulty in Marine envoirment; the Super structure of these bridges are designed as Prestrssed Pre-cast members for the access bridges of island. The spans were kept small to have the lighter and thin section for the launching.

Bahria Icon Flyover & Underpasses

The project comprises One Flyover & Three Underpasses, which caters the traffic need from two swords roundabout, Bilawal House and other directions to Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s shrine and the Bahria Town Icon building. It is the Grade Separated Traffic Improvement Plan from Park Tower Intersection to A.T. Naqvi Roundabout. The underpasses have the latest electronic system of international standards. The lengths of barrels are 160m & 95m and the main bridge is 200 metres long.