Mass Transit Priority Corridor 1

The project was awarded to a consortium of international bidders lead by SNC Leuvlin of Canada, at a total price of 550 million dollars. This corridor was assigned the highest priority among the six corridors proposed in the feasibility study. This project was conducted in four phases because the client did not have access to funds allocated for the design of this project. These phases include the Environmental impact analysis, Involuntary resettlement plan, Preliminary design, Detailed design and Preparation of tender documents, on BOT basis.

Burj Dubai Plot 21

Tower A consists of 3 levels of Basement parking, Ground Floor, 2 Levels of Podium and 48 Stories (3B+G+2P+31), while Tower B consists of 3 levels of Basement, Ground Floor, 2 levels of Podium and 31 Stories (3B+G+2P+31). The total number of parking spaces in both towers is 1,504.

Various Roads in Al-Ain

The project comprises the consultancy services of Various Roads and parking lots in Al-Ain and its Suburbs (Sector -6 & 7) for construction of Roads, Parking, Street Lighting and Storm Water Drainage System.

King Faisal College of Medicine

The project comprises three individual buildings namely the Central Building, Female Students Building and the Male Students Building. All buildings are G+ 1 and have a total covered area of about 15,000 sq.m. The buildings are added to the existing campus of the King Faisal University at Al Hassa. The Central building includes the faculty offices, administration areas and specialized laboratories related to medical education including auditoriums and seminar rooms. The Central Building features special space arrangements to maintain segregation between male and female students according to the norm in KSA maintaining an efficient use of floor space. The Male and Female Students buildings feature lecture rooms, libraries and other facilities related to medical education. The three buildings are linked with covered passageways. Approximately 85% of the structure is pre-cast including columns, beams, hollow core slabs and facing panels.

West Extension of Al Foah

The project comprises consultancy services for the construction of Sewerage & Stormwater Networks, Internal Roads, Parking, Street Lighting for the West Extension of Al Foah area.

Between the Bridges

The project is owned by one of the Prince in Abu Dhabi and is located on a stretch of land called “Between the Two Bridges”. The Spa building comprises the hotel retail region including the Spa facility building, villas and numerous restaurants spread across the strip.

The Retail building comprises a variety of retail shops, restaurants discotheques etc. It has one Basement + Ground + one Storey building spread to two areas with water channel running in between with a bridge connecting the two regions.

Gravity Water Supply Scheme

This project provides a water supply system based on the water springs in the surrounding hills of Abbottabad city. This entailed water discharge measurements of available source and their seasonal variations and selection of source, site of intake work and alignment of transmission main.

Gizri Creek in DHA

The project comprises the Dredging in the Navigation Channel of Marina Club to keep it operative even in the lowest tidal conditions; Slope Protection by constructing a new Protection Wall from Marina club to Savor Restaurant; Making a cleaner Environment by removing the intoxicants/ pollutants from the Gizri Creek and Associated Back filling works.

Limpopo Railway & bridges

The Limpopo Railway Line runs from Maputo (capital and port city of Mozambique) to the border with Zimbabwe and serves as a major trade link between the neighbor countries. The approximately 275 Km long railway was severely damaged during floods in the year 1998 and 1999. The Project comprises the repair and rehabilitation of affected sections including railway and bridges.

Gwadar Rail Link

Pakistan Railways intends to provide a railway link from Gwadar Deep Sea Port to the existing railway network near Quetta. The purpose of this railway link is to capture the present and future freight traffic of Gwadar Port.