Construction Supervision & Management

EA Consulting has an experienced team of qualified personnel for undertaking construction supervision services at all sizes of projects. Based on the size and requirements for any project a select experienced team is deployed for Resident Supervision with Head-Office specialist divisions providing full support to the site team so that works are executed and completed as per defined design, specifications, stipulated timelines and project cost. For ensuring strict quality control, compliance to defined specifications and material selection is carefully and astutely done through careful market research and analysis. For timely delivery of the project, close monitoring & tracking of all construction activities of the project schedule is routinely done and updated. The project progress reports are weekly/monthly made by the resident teams and effective measures are initiated from Head Office to timely support for smooth progression at site. Project monitoring is done using latest software as well as EA’s in-house control mechanism. In order to facilitate the Contractor’s Cash flow, EA’s team promptly approves Interim Payment Certificates (IPC) after scrutinizing and physical verification of works executed.