Journey To EA Consulting

Mr. Azhar H. Siddiqui was civil engineering graduate from the prestigious NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi. He joined military engineering services and also had a four years stint in Libya and gained experience of international work environment before co-founding an engineering consulting firm known as Engineering Associates (EA) with a friend. In 1981, he decided to disassociate from the partnership and thus EA Consulting (Pvt) Ltd was born. His energetic work style, professional competence and sharp business acumen, helped EA Consulting to grow in leaps and from a small office it becomes a large engineering consulting firm.

Today, EA has a fully owned five storey building with over 200 professionals in design office, 400 in project management, spread all over the country and seven Regional Offices including three overseas.

He left this mortal world in 2008 leaving the reigns of the company in equally competitive and progressive son Mr. Ahsan Azhar Siddiqui to carry out his motto,

No matter which project you undertake make sure you fulfill your promises by not compromising on it and get it done by completing it on time within providing reasonable cost & quality ensured in the project completion.

-Mr. Azhar H. Siddiqui