Pre. & Post Contract Services

EA has its Project Management Division with qualified and experienced resources teamed up to tailor and accommodate specific project management needs of different projects in specialized industries. Our teams’ focus remains on time, quality and budget ensuring that our projects are completed on schedule, within budget, and according to agreed quality standards.

Our project teams develop and utilize specific project templates that allows project plans to become very thorough with specific intent to increase quality, lower costs, and reduced time to deliver project results.

Project Scheduling & Management

EA’s Project Management team is responsible for successful planning, design execution, monitoring & controlling and closure of any kind of project. The Project Management team has a diverse range of personnel with many capabilities and set of skills in dealing in the design and construction side of the sector.

Construction Supervision & Management

EA Consulting has an experienced team of qualified personnel for undertaking construction supervision services at all sizes of projects. Based on the size and requirements for any project a select experienced team is deployed for Resident Supervision with Head-Office specialist divisions providing full support to the site team so that works are executed and completed as per defined design, specifications, stipulated timelines and project cost. For ensuring strict quality control, compliance to defined specifications and material selection is carefully and astutely done through careful market research and analysis. For timely delivery of the project, close monitoring & tracking of all construction activities of the project schedule is routinely done and updated. Project monitoring is done using latest software as well as EA’s in-house control mechanism.

Contracts Management

Contract Management plays a very critical role in the success and failure of projects. EA’s Contracts Management team is experienced in carefully preparing Contracts documents for projects in-line with provisions of International and Domestic controlling bodies, such as, FIDIC, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), PPRA (Federal & Provincial). Our prepared contract documents include explicitly defined roles/responsibilities of the Client, Contractor and Consultant in order to protect the overall interest of the Client. The Contract Management team gets involved at the inception and provides support to clients from publication & invitation of Expression of Interest for Prequalification of Contractors, preparation of comprehensive project Tender Document including Condition of Contracts (General Conditions, Particular Conditions, Special Provisions), Technical Specifications, Bills of Quantities, and Tender Drawings etc. tender invitation, evaluation and recommendation to the Client for award of works. EA has a qualified and experience team that carries out value engineering and scrutiny of line-items’ rates to ensure that bids are as per applicable market rates and are not preciously loaded. We also ensure that all contractual obligations are timely and rightly formalized by the respective parties so that no contractual aberration occurs affecting the interest of the Client.

Pre and Post Construction Services

The completion of Construction works does not necessary mean end of the Contract as the Contractual obligation of the Contractor towards the Client are still there. EA’s team ensures that in the Post-Construction period all responsibilities of the Contractor are duly attended that include removal of snag in works, scrutiny of the Final Bill, submission of all document like equipment warranty and maintenance manuals, submission of as-built project drawings etc. and proper handing-over of the facility to the Client.