EA Consulting (Pvt) Ltd., was established as ‘Engineering Associates’ in 1981 in Karachi, by talented and visionary young engineer Mr. Azhar. H. Siddiqui. At the time, engineering consultancy was still in infancy in Pakistan though there was no dearth of projects in our infrastructure starved country. With clear vision of technological and engineering advancement in future, this joining of brilliant minds. With commitment to excellence, soon flourished into a large multidisciplinary set up. Mr. Azhar H. Siddiqui established EA Consulting (Pvt) Ltd as one of the top engineering consulting in the country. This brilliant mind and experienced hand soon acquired well known professionals of sister trades and, besides various specialties of civil engineering added other trades such as architecture, planning, HVAC and Project Management – to mention a few. Good reputation soon spilled over and EA Consulting was obliged to open overseas branches in Middle East and Gulf.