Baberlo-Ghotki Section

The Additional Carriageway Baberlo-Ghotki Section, National Highway N-5 (Contract GOP-3) covers approximately 59 kms in length and runs parallel to the existing N-5 [National Highway]. This section passes through some difficult terrain like heavy rock cuts and water logged areas. The project starts at a junction after Baberlo town from where a road going towards west leads to Sukkur city over a Sukkur barrage on river Indus and terminates at approximately 4.5 kms before Ghotki city. It includes 2 bypasses, 10 canal bridges, 1 overhead bridge, 1 underpass, 70 box and 68 pipe culverts. The road consists of 7.3 m carriageway with 3m and 1.5m double surface dressed shoulders. The bypasses are located at Rohri and Pano Aqil town.