Balakot – Naran section

The project is a rehabilitation of National Highway N-15, Basian-Balakot-Naran Section, one of the badly damaged four major roads by the earthquake of October 2005, has been undertaken by NHA under contract -16, 65 km, with financial assistance from the World Bank. The first phase starts from km 37+600 and ends at km 81+600 (Balakot to Mahandri 44 km length). The road lies to the east of the river “Kunhar” in a steep side valley. The damage is extensive and comprises slips, slides and longitudinal and transverse cracks. The rehabilitation stategy includes widening the vROW from 13 m to 20 m improving the alignment reconstruction of retaining wall, breast wall and reconstruction of Bridges, Culverts and Causeways.

Baba Fareed Bridge

The Project involved the construction of a Bridge including Approach Road and training Works. The Project aims at providing an all-weather road link across river Sutlej between Pakpattan and Minchinabad to serve the adjoining areas. Feasibility Study was carried out by NHA in 1990 whereas study & design was updated in August 2005. . Bridge has 572 meters length, 13 Nos.span of 44m each. Carriageway width is 9 meter. Length of approach road is 8 km (4 km on each side of Bridge).