Palm Deira- First Complex

The project is a part of the huge development at Palm Deira. The First Complex Buildings is a mixed occupancy structure with a maximum built-up area of 314,132 Sq.m. The project consists of 3 Office Towers (20 to 24 stories); 3 Residential Towers (18 storeys each) with Roof Top Health Club & Pool; Ground + Podium-1 (2 level) shopping mall with office and residential towers sitting on a common podium; 2 level of Basements car park.

The site is located at Palm Deira corniche, stretch over four kilometers along the Old Deira corniche. The most prominent feature of the Project is a 33m long Cantilever Office Tower in Block-6.

Terraki Bridge

Terraki Bridge has been constructed as a part of additional carriageway of the National Highway [N-5]. The bridge near Terraki Hills on National Highway (N-5), is 216 meters long and has six 20 meter and four 23 meter spans. The additional carriageway is 6.2 meters wide.

Sheikh Zayed Bridge

The Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Third Bridge Crossing Contract III carries two independent carriageways, each with four lanes 3.65 meters width, two shoulders of 3.0 meters width and a 1.5 meter wide sidewalk for emergency use adjacent to the outer shoulder. The overall length of the bridge is 912 metres between abutments and the width between parapets is 23.6 metres for each deck.

The concrete substructure and steel arches form in profile a continuous flowing line, the steel arch components of which comprises the Marina arch of about 50m span, Main Channel Arch of about 144m span and the Secondary Channel Arch of about 74m span. The steel arch ribs have a fully encastre connection to the supporting concrete piers. Temperature movements in the arches are therefore restrained.

Bucharest Constanta Motorway

There were 8 partially completed existing bridges in the Bucharest-Fundulea section of the Bucharest to Constanta Motorway Project. Construction of these bridges was abandoned when the previous construction contract for this section was terminated in the mid-nineties. The European Union financed the Government of Romania for taking the abandoned project to completion. The work included completion of the existing bridge structures as part of the total works outlined in the Contract.

These bridges in the scope of work featured different configurations including pre-tensioned, post-tensioned and steel girders with concrete pre-cast slabs and cast-in-situ, reinforced and pre-stressed. All bridge substructures were done in concrete. Bridge bearings were either elastomeric or steel type.

Lussail Expressway

Lussail Expressway will run north from the Doha city to connect the under-construction Lussail development area. The expressway project broke ground in November 2012 and is scheduled to be opened to traffic in 2016. The project involves 5.3km of four-lane highway in both directions and three major interchanges in Northern Doha. The expressway will also have two service lanes in the multi-level interchange areas, and include a complex network of tunnels, flyovers and junctions in order to meet the future traffic demands by providing easy and speedy connectivity.

EA provided the services of complete structural design for the Bridges of Onaiza and Wahda Interchanges to AECOM-Abu Dhabi in year 2010. These roundabout bridges were designed as two 20m span continuous Cast in Place Post-Tensioned Voided Slab decks on shallow foundations.

Palm Jumeirah Tunnel

The Tunnel connects mainland with the islands. It is a submerged tunnel 1.5 km long with Box section. EA investigated and checked the final design of temporary and permanent works for the above tunnel.

A36 Selby Bypass

The A36 Selby Bypass consists of approximately 10 km of new road, involving the construction of approximately 3.5 km of road on embankment (2m to 9m in height), 5.5 km of road at-grade (or on low height embankment) and 700m of road in cutting up to 11m deep. The new bypass includes four roundabouts (two at grade and two on embankment), five over-bridges with 40m to 120m span lengths and an accommodation under-bridge.

UBL Regional Office

The project UBL Regional Office Building is located at Gulberg, Lahore which covers total plot area of 3,920 square meters. It is mainly an office building with facilities including cafeterias and car parking. The building consists of two basements, lower ground, ground, mezzanine, six typical floors, service floor and roof top.

Residential Building in Business Bay

The High Rise Residential Apartment Building in Business Bay comprises 4 Basements Parking Levels + Ground + 3 Podium Parking Levels + 30 Residential Floors + Mechanical Floor + Health Club Floor.

Bridge at Al Habal Abiadh

The Bridge carries the proposed road link from the existing Al Habal Bridge to the old palace at the West end of Fahid Island. The carriageway at the bridge has two lanes of 3.75 m each, two shoulders and a single footway of 0.9 m width adjacent to the eastbound shoulder. The design speed of the road is 100Kph. The Bridge crosses the existing dredged channel between Al Habal Abiadh and Fahid Island. The span configuration of the bridge includes a main span of 55m and two side spans of 35m. A continuous deck is provided for an economical arrangement to allow for a reduced depth (2m girder with 250mm deck slab).