Kotri Kabir-Baberlo Section

The project consists of a total length of 73.5 kms of road construction. It contains approximately 26 kms of Additional Carriageway from Kotri Kabir to Ranipur and from Therhi to Baberlo along the existing alignment. A 45.3 kms dual carriageway provided between Ranipur and Therhi along the realigned stretch of National Highway N-5 and 2.1 km for Baberlo bypass at the end. The entire section of the project is located in Khairpur district and passes through or close to some major population centres e.g. Hangorja, Ranipur and Gambat. Each carriageway is 7.3 meters wide pavement with outer and inner shoulders of 3m and 1m respectively. Structural works include 3 Bridges 4-Lane (71 metres), and 1 Bridge 2-Lane (20 metres) and 173 culverts of different types.