Pipeline from Sawaliguarm to Pasni

This project comprises laying of pipe line from channel 3 to Pasni Town. The project is proposed to be financed under Omani grant. The project is divided into two phases.

In phase 1, the scope of work includes design and supervision of 450mm dia pipeline from existing water works up to the city water works, which covers 10 km of length.

Phase 2 involved designing of water transmission main and sedimentation tank. The length of transmission main is 19 km. The source of water supply will be channel 3 which is originating from Shadi kaur Dam. The 500 mm dia transmission line will transport the water to sedimentation tank which is proposed near Zero Point Turbat Road. The sedimentation tank is designed for 1 day storage and 5 hours retention having the size of 110m x 36m x 2.7m. The transmission line from sedimentation tank will then be connected to the transmission line phase 1.