Quetta Water Supply Project

The project is based on Technical Assistance Program of Asian Development Bank aimed at preparation of a project for Bank Financing for development of Water Resources of Quetta City, comprising development of available water sources and water distribution network, water quality control and for improvement of environment including upgrading of sewerage, drainage and solid waste disposal facilities for Quetta City.

Pipeline from Sawaliguarm to Pasni

This project comprises laying of pipe line from channel 3 to Pasni Town. The project is proposed to be financed under Omani grant. The project is divided into two phases.

In phase 1, the scope of work includes design and supervision of 450mm dia pipeline from existing water works up to the city water works, which covers 10 km of length.

Phase 2 involved designing of water transmission main and sedimentation tank. The length of transmission main is 19 km. The source of water supply will be channel 3 which is originating from Shadi kaur Dam. The 500 mm dia transmission line will transport the water to sedimentation tank which is proposed near Zero Point Turbat Road. The sedimentation tank is designed for 1 day storage and 5 hours retention having the size of 110m x 36m x 2.7m. The transmission line from sedimentation tank will then be connected to the transmission line phase 1.

Nathiagali Sewerage Project

The project consisted the planning and design of sewerage and drainage scheme for the famous hill resort of Nathiagali in the province of North West Frontier. The work involved extensive topographic survey, identification of sewage disposal points and design the whole sewerage and drainage system.

Haripur Sewerage Scheme

This was a feasibility study comprising study of existing services of water supply, sewerage and drainage systems, carryout the hydraulic and structural design of sanitary sewers and storm water drainage systems, determine the environmental impact of the proposed system, preparation of design, drawings, cost estimates, feasibility study report & PC-I and final design report.

Karachi Bulk Water Supply Scheme

65 MGD Bulk Water Supply under Greater Karachi Bulk Water Supply Scheme (Phase – IV, Stage- II ) comprises design & construction supervision of Dhabeji Pumping Station for 5 pumps of 25 MGD each and a standby diesel generating set of 4 MW, a chamber with transition at tunnel end, Laying of PRCC Transmission Main of various dia from tunnel end at pipri to NEK Pumping Station, at NEK Pumping Station, at COD Hills and from Kidney Hill Reservoir to Society areas, Pumping Station at Dumlottee and additional works at NEK Pumping Station, rehabilitation of COD & Kidney Hill Pumping Stations, Bypass connections & interconnections.

Hyderabad Sewerage Scheme

Master Plan of Greater Hyderabad Sewerage Project (phase 1) was prepared by Hyderabad Development Authority through their Consultants M/s. D. Balfour and Sons in 1984. This Master Plan was divided into different Phases. The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council approved PC-I of Phase-I. This Phase-I of the Project provides for rehabilitation of the existing sewerage system and laying of comprehensive Sewerage System in Latifabad and Pretabad, extension of Northern Sewage Treatment Work and Construction of additional Sewage Treatment Plant for the existing and new development in the Western areas of Hyderabad City.

Fresh water treatment Facilities

CHINA PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR invested heavily to make Gwadar one of the mega cities of Pakistan. A total of 14MGD is supplied to Gwadar city through this project.
It consists of three major components:

Transmission line from Swad Dam and Shadi Kaur Dam to Gwadar city
Water supply distribution system and sewerage system along with its safe disposal for extension of Gwadar city
Reverse Osmosis Plant

Various Filter Plants, Karachi

This project provided for Rehabilitation of existing Filter Plants at Gharo, Pipri, COD Hills and North East Karachi. The Work involved the Condition Survey of existing filter plants including identifying the defects in all mechanical & electric components and civil works of the plant. Also comprises the replacement and repairs of defective components of the filter plants.

Thar Coal Field Project

50 Cusecs Drainage of Wastewater & Effluent Channel / Pipeline project comprises laying effluent disposal pipeline from Thar Coal Field Unit No.2 to depression area. The pipeline is designed to convey effluent produced during mining for power generation activities, estimated to be 50 cusecs from Thar Coal Field. The total route of disposal Pipeline is around 40 km.

Hydrological studies and drainage pattern of project area is studied to identify the possible depression area for percolation of effluent. Environmental Studies are also carried out to avoid any harm to water quality, wild life and social life of residents.

DHA Phase VIII Project

Water Supply & Sewerage System of Defence Housing Authority ( Phase VIII) provides for development of water supply storage and distribution system for an entirely new housing sector comprising 3500 acres. The source of water is municipal bulk supply. Providing adequate storage and pumping and distribution network of this large area was the main objective of design work.