Interchange at Faisal Avenue

Faisal Avenue is one of the major roads intersecting Jinnah Avenue which is one of the busiest roads of Islamabad. Project comprises the design of Flyover and Underpass on the intersection of Faisal Avenue and Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad. Bridge length is about 332 meters while the ramp length of is 278 meters. The barrel length of Underpass is 90 meters with a clearance of 5 meters.

Interchange at Sohrab Goth

Sohrab Goth intersection, carrying about 180,000 vehicles per day, is a gateway for the traffic between Karachi and other cities of Sindh and Punjab Province. Although the heavy traffic is allowed only at night time, trucks and trailors are often seen passing through this intersection throughout the day. Thousands of intercity large passenger buses and private vehicles pass through this intersection all the day. The other reason of high traffic volume is due to New Sabzi Mandi (Vegetable Market) near Sohrab Goth. Most of the supply of vegetable and fruit in the city carried out on trucks and pickups through the Sohrab Goth Intersection.

The objective of the construction of Sohrab Goth Interchange is to ensure smooth and un-interrupted traffic flow, help in reducing the accident by increasing the safety measures and to reduce the vehicle operating costs.

Nishtar Ghat Bridge

The Bridge over River Indus connecting Chachran sharif with Mithankot is designed as two Lane Bridge with each 3.65 meters wide lane including one Railway Overhead Bridge and two Canal bridges. The Project also includes walkway, guide banks, river training works and other protection works.

Bridge at Mohammed wala

The Project involved the construction of a Bridge over River Chinab near Muhammadwala, District Muzaffargarh. This Bridge and its Approaches has linked Multan with Muzaffargarh-Jhang Road near Muhammadwala and facilitated both light and heavy traffic heading for Bhakar, Layya, Mianwali and Jhang besides reducing number of vehicles on Shershah Bridge. Length of the bridge is 1000 m; right approach road is 2500 m and left side is 7400 m.

Lyari Expressway

Lyari Expressway is a controlled access four lane Expressway along the Lyari River through the metropolitan city of Karachi. The Expressway, 16.5 kms long, is separated by the Lyari River into two carriageways each having 2-lane capacity. This Expressway takes off from North Lyari Bridge near Sohrab Goth on Super Highway and passes enroute through Liaquatabad, Lasbela etc. It will terminate at South Lyari Bridge on Mauripur Road.

This expressway includes 4 Interchanges, 6+6 Overpasses, 3 Nullah Bridges & one Bridge over graveyard

Lahore-Islamabad Motorway

The M-2 portion of Pakistan Motorway is approximately 340 km long. It starts near the village Kot Noor Shah at the junction of Lahore–Jaranwala road and the Lahore bypass. This portion of the Motorway terminates at Dhok Kala Khan village at the intersection of Shahrah-e-Kashmir and the G.T. (Grand Trunk) road near Islamabad. The construction of 95 km long Section-2 of M-2 extending from Pindi Bhattian to Bhera was supervised by EA. This section includes 20 bridges, 2 interchanges at Pindi Bhattian and Kot Momin, 39 underpasses and 15 major drainage structures.

Kohat Tunnel

Indus Highway taking off from Peshawar passes over a hill range rising to a height of 900 meters. The distance between the towns of Peshawar and Kohat, over the existing hill route is nearly 65 km. The National Highway Authority has initiated a project to build a tunnel through the hill range with a view to reducing the distance. The length of the proposed tunnel is 1.885 km. Though the tunnel will not reduce the distance by more than a few km but the travel time will be much reduced as the speed will increase from 40 km per hour to 70 km per hour. In addition travel over the steep and dangerous hill route, that causes many an accident, will be avoided.

Underpasses on Shaheed e Millat road

Shaheed-e-Millat Road is one of the major roads intersecting Jinnah Avenue which is one of the busiest roads of Islamabad The project comprises the design of underpasses on Shaheed-e-Millat Road intersecting Nazim-ud-Din Road, Jinnah Avenue and Fazl-ul-Haq Road, Islamabad, having lengths of 26m, 45m and 30m respectively besides their approach ramps and improvement of Fazl-ul-Haq road in 586 m length.

Jhirk Mullah Katiyar Bridge

The Bridge has 2 components comprising Two Lane Bridge over River Indus connecting N-5 near Jhirk and the Road Links to Tando Muhammadc Khan Bathoro Road. The western approach (Jhirk side) has length around 2.5 km while on the eastern side approach length is about 22.5 km. The Project also includes rest areas, weigh bridges, offices and residency of operation & maintenance staff.

Interchange at Nagan Chowrangi

This is a dual level fly over and it was built over the busiest spot of the Corridor II of Karachi, where virtually two fly over were built within one. The length of the first level of bridge is 282 meter and the other level bridge length is 561 meter and the ramp length is 207 meter, and the height of the second level is 54 feet. This bridge was designed on the basis of pre-stressed post tensioned “U” type hollow girders having length of 20 to 35 Meters.