Northern Ring Road, Al Ain

Northern (Masoudi) Ring Road is a three lane dual carriageway 19 km long, with 4 to 5 meter wide median and sidewalks on either side. At some locations the median becomes wider to accommodate existing trees in it. There is a wadi on the north side of this Northern Ring Road throughout the road length having north east direction of flow. On the south side of the ring road there are planned developed areas of Al-Towwaya, Masoudi, Bida Bint Saud (BBS), Al-Foah and extension of Al-Foah. To access these areas there are link roads available which connect the ring road through roundabout intersections.

Sarai Gambila Karak Section

The project consisted of design and construction supervision of a 60 Km two lane new carriageway for realigned stretch of Indus Highway between Sarai Gambila & Karak. The project included 9 main bridges (2446 metres), 83 box culverts, several other drainage structures and a toll plaza.

Manjhand Sehwan Section

The project consists of approximately 70 kms of existing Indus Highway [N-55], Contract-2 extending from Manjhand town to Sehwan. The width of the pavement is 7.3m with 3.0m shoulders on both sides. Structures comprised of 4 Bridges with prestressed girders pile foundations and more than 150 box culverts were part of this project.

EA was also responsible for the Maintenance of soil testing laboratory, survey equipment’s renovation & furnishing residence, office and laboratory and lodging, boarding and transport facilities for consultant’s staff

Kotri Kabir-Baberlo Section

The project consists of a total length of 73.5 kms of road construction. It contains approximately 26 kms of Additional Carriageway from Kotri Kabir to Ranipur and from Therhi to Baberlo along the existing alignment. A 45.3 kms dual carriageway provided between Ranipur and Therhi along the realigned stretch of National Highway N-5 and 2.1 km for Baberlo bypass at the end. The entire section of the project is located in Khairpur district and passes through or close to some major population centres e.g. Hangorja, Ranipur and Gambat. Each carriageway is 7.3 meters wide pavement with outer and inner shoulders of 3m and 1m respectively. Structural works include 3 Bridges 4-Lane (71 metres), and 1 Bridge 2-Lane (20 metres) and 173 culverts of different types.

Kharian Sohawa Section

The project section located in the northern Punjab province, extends through Kharian and Jehlum districts. Total length of this section of the road is 62.5 km (additional carriageway) of N-5 with major bridges over river Jehlum, Dina and Bakrala. 6 Bridges (1,595 metres) and 5 Overhead Bridges were also the part of this project. Four two lanes and One four lane overhead railway bridges were also the part of this project.

Various roads in Kabul

The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) as Implementation Partner (IP) undertook the rehabilitation of Road Loops on either sides of the Kabul River that contribute traffic to the Bridge Project. Project involved rehabilitation of about 3.8 km roads and related sidewalk, drainage etc. This Project is a part of Kabul Urban Roads Improvement Project (KURIP) formulated by Kabul Municipality.

Indus Highway Phase I, II & III

Indus Highway Phase I & II comprises the Rehabilitation of 58 km Kotri- Manjhand section in Sindh and 36 km Karak- Karappa section in NWFP. The last phase of the construction connects the three provinces of Sindh, Punjab and the Frontier. Due to the difficulties faced in the rehabilitation of the existing Phase-I and Phase-II roads, it was decided that 450 km Phase-III roads would be constructed on totally new alignment. The alignment passes through the cities of Rajanpur, Dera Ghazi Khan in Punjab and Dera Ismail Khan in N.W.F.P.

This Project (Phase I, II & III) includes design of 70 main Bridges, 20 Overhead Bridges, several drainage structures including 50 box culverts, some overpasses across the railway track and a toll plaza.

D. I. Khan-Mughal Kot section

The project work consists of rehabilitation and improvement of D.I.Khan to Mughal Kot Road (125 km) section of National Highway (N-50) between D.I.Khan to Zhob, passing through D.I.Khan district and FATA, at a foot of Kohe-Suleman Range. It is an inter province link between NWFP` and Balochistan. Since D.I.Khan to D.G.Khan is flood prove area, therefore this route will also provide an alternative link between NWFP and Karachi during the flood period. This Project includes 11 Bridges & 323 Culverts.

The existing road is a single lane and shall be improved into a proper two-lane carriageway. The road shall play the significant role in the future development of the area.

Various Roads in Al-Ain

The project comprises the consultancy services of Various Roads and parking lots in Al-Ain and its Suburbs (Sector -6 & 7) for construction of Roads, Parking, Street Lighting and Storm Water Drainage System.

Baberlo-Ghotki Section

The Additional Carriageway Baberlo-Ghotki Section, National Highway N-5 (Contract GOP-3) covers approximately 59 kms in length and runs parallel to the existing N-5 [National Highway]. This section passes through some difficult terrain like heavy rock cuts and water logged areas. The project starts at a junction after Baberlo town from where a road going towards west leads to Sukkur city over a Sukkur barrage on river Indus and terminates at approximately 4.5 kms before Ghotki city. It includes 2 bypasses, 10 canal bridges, 1 overhead bridge, 1 underpass, 70 box and 68 pipe culverts. The road consists of 7.3 m carriageway with 3m and 1.5m double surface dressed shoulders. The bypasses are located at Rohri and Pano Aqil town.